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Preparing your hospital bag

Article written by:

Ms. Lauren Grech,
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Melit.) Midwifery

Your due date might be either fast approaching or you might still have a while to go; either way it is important that you have a bag ready with all your essentials for your little getaway at hospital in preparation for birth. It is recommended that your hospital bag is prepared at around 28 weeks (approximately when you are in the 7th month) just in case you go into labour early. There is no need to prepare a large amount of items – you are not going for a one week vacation. Please allow me to suggest some tips regarding the essential items required without piling up on extra stuff.

baby bag

First of all, it is advised to split your luggage in two; one for yourself and one for the baby as this will make things a whole lot easier. Some women even place items in small plastic bags and label them. This is totally up to you.

Let’s start off with you, the mum-to-be. Of course you will need at least a nightdress or two. One might prefer comfortable clothes or pyjamas with pants. Make sure that the pants are high-waisted to avoid the incision (wound) in a caesarean section scenario. As for the underwear, you can choose to get the disposable ‘net’ ones or your own, as long as they are made out of cotton and are high-waisted (for the same reason as the pyjama pants). Add in your nursing bras, slippers, socks, face cloth, towel, maternity pads, personal toiletries, makeup (if you want to look glamourous after birthJ) and a small plastic bag to put in your soiled laundry. Additionally, bring along a mug, plenty of water and some snacks to have something to nibble on during and after labour. Of course, make sure that your blue card is at hand together with any medication taken during pregnancy.

With regards to the baby, the items required are more or less the same, except a bit more in quantity. Babies might make a mess during feeding or when changing nappies so you might need more than one or two outfits. The following is a list of the items required:

vest (or two) blanket
baby grows bath towel
mittens comb
socks muslin cloth
bonnet changing mat
small basin packet of nappies
cotton wool  

You can opt to bring wipes as long as they are non-perfumed or water wipes, however it is highly recommended that the use of wipes is avoided and the nappy area is cleaned with cotton wool and water. Towards the end of your stay, make sure you bring along the baby’s carrier seat.

During recreational time, before or after giving birth, you can bring along anything from magazines to electronic devices. Bear in mind that you are responsible for your own valuables.

Voila! You’re good to go. Remember when going home, whatever you bring with you, you have to take it back; except this time, you’ll have your baby to take home too

© Lauren Marie Grech

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