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Health & wellbeing during pregnancy

Part 1.

Article written by:
Ms. Lauren Grech,
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Melit.) Midwifery

There is no need to say that pregnancy brings major changes to your body; but what about your life style? That’s right; in everything you do, you are bound to think about your life habits and how it affects the human life growing inside you; be it what you eat, drink or do on a regular day. It’s a sacrifice to make until you adjust to the new life style, but you’ll be more heartened to do it when you think about who you’re doing it for.


Being pregnant is no reason for sitting around all day. It’s good to keep on the move, whilst avoiding strenuous activity, of course. Before you continue with your old exercise routine, it is advisable to talk to your doctor about exercising while you’re pregnant. If you were not exercising before pregnancy, you can still do some light exercises. For example, regular walking and gradually increasing your time frame as you go along is very beneficial. If you don’t want to work out alone, you will also find fitness classes around that you can sign up to, specifically designed for pregnant mothers, including aqua natal exercises and Pilates. Exercise has major benefits on the body on a general level and the resultant flexibility will also be found useful during labour.

To be continued…

© Lauren Marie Grech

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