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What to expect when you’re expecting!

Part 2.

Article written by:
Ms. Lauren Grech,
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Melit.) Midwifery
Secondary to the hormonal change, is the feeling of constipation. Again, this does not affect everyone, however, those who have been suffering from constipation before getting pregnant are at a higher risk. Bowel movement is reduced during this period, not to mention your large intestine is pushed further up due to your expanding uterus. It is recommended to eat lots of fibre but most importantly, to drink plenty of water and fluids to help the system flowing!

Photo by Olliss on Unsplash

Photo by Olliss on Unsplash


Have you noticed any changes to your face lately? Some get the ‘pregnancy glow’ and look breathtakingly radiant however, some might notice an increase in pigmentation on their face. Pigmentation is common in pregnancy, especially in darker-skinned women. These might even notice a pigmented vertical line on their belly. Pigmentation will fade after pregnancy but if you’re more prone to it because of your skin tone, there are several spa treatments or organic products you can use to cover it up. There are also a couple of natural remedies. Of course, taking into consideration our typical climate and temperatures, it is vital to apply sunblock with high SPF factor and avoid direct sun exposure.

What about your breasts? Several women are quite happy with the increase in bust size pregnancy brings with it, but others who are heavy-busted might not share the same emotion. Do not worry about breastfeeding! All women with all breast sizes are born to do this. Therefore, irrelevant of the size, breastfeeding is always possible once your baby is born. The important thing during pregnancy, especially if the bust increased by up to a couple of sizes, is to wear a non-underwire bra with a good fit and straps that support your breasts well. This will save you from backache in the near future.

Hormones are the cause of many of these symptoms as well as others not mentioned in this article, such as mood swings and strange food cravings. However, they are also responsible for making sure that your pregnancy is progressing smoothly. Trust me, you’ll forget about everything the minute your bundle of joy is born and held in your arms. To conclude, this is a small note to those men whose partner is expecting. The mother of your unborn child might be feeling like the baby took over her body and is dealing with a lot. So please, keep patient and put up with them…for your own sake. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

© Lauren Marie Grech

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