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8 Items on the Market a New Parent Must Have

Baby is now born and it is natural for the parents to want to buy everything their infant might require. Very often a lot of money is splurged on items that are only used a handful of times, when items are being developed to make the parents’ lives easier….on their pocket, on their back and for the baby’s sake of comfort. Below are some of the ideas and innovations that are altering the way we envisage taking care of baby.

The Breast Pump – I guess that no matter how cool and comfy designers make them look, it will never in fact be comfy to stick a pump to your breasts. However, what is certain is that it needs to be reliable. If you are a busy woman and always actively doing something, you will need to invest in a robust, daily use pump – make sure to look out for longevity and movability.

The Nursing Pillow – When travelling be it by plane or by car, you do not want to carry around a huge pillow. The quite new breastfeeding pillow will stop you straining your back while breastfeeding. Just look out for portability and make sure that it is compact.


The Teething Toy – The teething toy has been around for quite some time, quite an imperative item to have on hand to help make baby’s teething pain subside. Look for something made of natural rubber and food paint and has no toxic chemicals; possibly something with chewable appendages that stick out in all directions and are therefore easy to chew on; maybe something that gives a little sound when its squeezed and of a good size for baby to hold.

The Travel System – Gone are the days when mums used a stroller or pushchair to get around, and had a separate infant car seat in the car. Nowadays, it is common to have a travel system, which will save time and more importantly, not wake baby up if s/he needs to be moved from infant seat to stroller, as the car seat can slide out of its base and quickly snap in place on the stroller.

The Baby Carrier – Do you want to carry your baby and still be able to do other things, or carry other things? The baby carrier is the solution to this issue; baby is happy being close to mum and is also right in the action. You need a carrier that has got easily adjustable straps on the shoulders and hips to evenly distribute the weight. Lastly, be sure to try on the baby carrier.

The Diaper Bag – Diaper bags have been around for a while. However, recently new diaper bags are found on the market, the diaper bag that doubles as you own bag! And they also come in stylish designs too, so say goodbye to paisley flowers and polka dots. It is recommended to get a bag with lots of pocket space, ideally a washable matte finish and that it attaches easily to the stroller.

The Soothing Baby Swing – This item has not been on the market for decades, but we sure glad it is here. When the parent is busy on a phone call, or needs a few minutes to hang the laundry, or simply for a toilet break, the baby swing is a god send. The swing can be pimped with lights and an MP3 player. A self-rocking mechanism could easily lull baby to sleep, while the lights and music can keep baby entertained and engaged, giving the parent those crucial minutes to finish off something.


The Swaddle Blanket – This item has been around for centuries, and have a 4500 year old history. Wrapped up snuggly, baby can self soothe, and can also fall asleep faster, since the swaddling brings memories of when s/he was in the womb. Swaddle blankets should ideally be lightweight and large enough to easily wrap baby in.

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