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Exercise during pregnancy

Pregnancy is generally a sign of good health and not an illness. The majority of pregnancies will be uncomplicated and women continue to live their normal …

Real Essentials for Your Birth Hospital Bag

As with most things in life, preparation is key. For this reason, when it comes to packing your birth hospital bag, we recommend you having everything ready to …

Pregnant over 35: What you need to know

All those articles we used to read, which define 35+ as being too “old” for pregnancy, need to be updated themselves. In truth, times are changing; fast, …

Pregnancy Cravings?

From cake to gherkins, a large number of women experience intense cravings during pregnancy. But why do pregnant women get cravings? Do they mean anything? …

Early Gender Prediction Methods – Some say they work, others beg to differ…

How to accurately predict, (accurately being the key word here), the gender of a baby is something that pregnant woman search for…a lot. We have heard …

Morning Sickness

As yet, no single cause of morning sickness has been identified, and it doesn’t always strike in the morning. Experts point to a range of factors; from high …

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